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"There is a problem with this Windows Installer package." Some anti-virus and security programs block legitimate installation programs. If you receive this error or any other general error message, please disable your anti-virus and security programs and try the installation again. After installation remember to enable your anti-virus and security programs. Please contact us if your anti-virus or security program prevents the installation of MotorNotes.
Registration form appears to licensed users after upgrade This issue was corrected for most users in version 9.6.0.
Windows Vista and Windows 7 users who have previously purchased a license for MotorNotes™ may see the Registration form after they install an upgrade. This happens only the first time the new version is run. Simply close MotorNotes™ and start it again and your license will be recognized.
Installation on Vista "hangs" Part of the MotorNotes™ installation displays pop-up windows providing or requesting information. On computers running Windows Vista or Windows 7 these pop-up windows sometimes appear in the background. The installation process does not complete until the MotorNotes™ application is run and subsequently closed. If the pop-up windows are not noticed and responded to, it may appear that the installation is hanging. In this situation, please review the task bar or press ALT-TAB to bring the pop-up windows to the front for response.

If you encounter any installation difficulties, please Contact Us.

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