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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MotorNotes™? MotorNotes™ is Vehicle Information Management software brought to you by Hale Solutions Inc. "Vehicle Information Management" is a fancy way of saying that MotorNotes™ gives you the tools to keep track of everything you need to know about all of your vehicles.
Who uses MotorNotes™? Our customers include Police departments, small businesses, farmers, vehicle enthusiasts, and many more. Anyone who needs to manage vehicle information for accounting purposes or who wants to keep their vehicles in top condition will benefit from our software. MotorNotes™ users span the globe, residing on five continents.
Can I install MotorNotes™ on a network so multiple users can access it? Yes! MotorNotes™ Network Edition and Site Edition can be installed on a shared network server. If you previously purchased MotorNotes™ Standard Edition and would like to upgrade, your data will transfer and we will give you full credit of your original purchase price within one year.
"MotorNotes will close in order to apply this Preference. Please restart MotorNotes." When certain Preference values are changed, many of the existing data grids must be redrawn in order to properly reflect the new Preference. To accomplish this, the MotorNotes application will close and must be restarted. Please start MotorNotes by double-clicking on the desktop icon or selecting it from the program menu. Version 9.1.0 users may encounter a situation where they receive this message when selecting a Preference other than Language. This situation occurs when the Preference module was selected from the menu rather than from the tab control. Version 9.1.1 contains a modification to this behavior. We recommend that version 9.1.0 users download and install version 9.1.1 by visiting the Sales page.
Will it work on my computer? MotorNotes™ Standard Edition is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. To make sure things run smoothly MotorNotes™ requires a Pentium 400 MHz or faster with at least 96MB of memory. Minimum display resolution is 800x600 pixels. Much like the additional torque a V8 provides over an inline 4, 128MB memory will give a boost to help MotorNotes™ run its best.
Free upgrades for one year! The free upgrade program allows you to download the latest and greatest version of MotorNotes™ at no cost to you for at least one year after you purchase the software. After the free upgrade period you may continue to use MotorNotes™ without interruption, although you will no longer be able to download new versions for free. At that time you will have the option to purchase an upgrade package that will give you another year of MotorNotes™ upgrades. Upgrades to the MotorNotes™ software will have no impact on the data entered in your MotorNotes™ system. Any vehicle information you enter will be preserved across upgraded versions of MotorNotes™.
What files should I backup? Anyone who has used a computer long enough knows that hard drives can fail. As with all your important computer files, we encourage you to backup your MotorNotes™ data in case the worst happens. The Tools menu provides a convenient Backup option that will both provide a data backup to a location of your choice, as well as compact and verify the database. In the unlikely event of a verification error, please contact MotorNotes support. We also suggest you backup the license information provided when you purchased MotorNotes™.

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